Our Mission

To contribute to the development and wealth of the country by converting young generation students into value based, socially conscious, trustworthy and proactive student managers, Well Trained Agriculture, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Electronics & Communication, & Mechanical Engineers.
  • » Provide access to higher education for students through formal and non- formal streams including adult and continuing education.
  • » To provide state of the art infrastructure and qualified and competent teaching faculty.
  • » To provide vibrant environment conducive to quick and qualitative learning.
  • » To provide exposure to industry through suitable Institution-Industry-Interaction programs to enhance employability.
  • » To provide platform for development of personality traits like professional attitude, Communication Skills etc. to produce competent technocrats.
  • » Inculcation of the art of independent thinking and working together as a team.
  • »Equipping students to face the realistic to the outside world.

Our Vision

To produce world class technocrats with competent skills in various technologies for serving the society. To provide a stream of quality professionals catering to the requirements industry and manpower needs of nation.