This department offers a 3-years course leading to Diploma in Civil Engineering. This course aims at providing the students both practical as well as theoretical knowledge required for operational maintenance and elementary design aspects of civil Engg.

The department has the following fully modernized and well-equipped laboratories to train the students in tune with the present demand and requirement of the industry/field:

1. Survey lab

2. Soil lab

3. Conc. Tech. Lab

4. Water supply

5. Sanitary Engg. lab

6. Highway lab

7. Hydraulics lab

The department is actively considering the proposal for setting up of consultancy cell so that the various govt. departments, public and voluntary agencies can be provided the facilities for testing of cement, concrete., soil and bitumen etc. Besides these, the department can also provide facilities for the design of various civil engg. structures and can conduct supervision of various constructional projects etc.

The diploma holders from this department find employment in various Govt., public and private enterprises such as P.W.D. (B&R), PWD (Public Health), PWD Irrigation, pollution control board, M.E.S., housing board, CPWD, Electricity boards, HUDA, etc. Besides these, various construction companies/organization also employ diploma holders from this department.