1. Civil Works

Govt.Polytechnic, Sirsa has the following works to cater to the needs of the students:

Þ Administrative-cum-Electrical Engineering Block.

Þ Civil Engg. Block.

Þ Mechenical Engg. Block.

Þ Agricultural Engg. Block

Þ Agricultural Machinery and Implements shed

Þ Computer center-cum-Library Block.

Þ Workshop Block.

Þ Sports Centre

Þ Old Boys Hostel Block with a capacity of 180 students

Þ New Boys Hostel Block with a capacity of 120 students

Þ Girls Hostel Block with a capacity of 120 students.

Þ Multi-purpose Hall.

Þ Modern Seminar-cum-Conference Room

Þ Residential Colony for staff

All the Engg .Blocks have the Lecture Rooms, Laboratories, lavatories and offices.


2. Furniture

All lecture- rooms, laboratories, workshops, offices, computer center etc. have been provided sufficient furniture as per their requirement.

3. Books

The institute library has around 37358 books related to different subjects of various disciplines of engineering, computer science, information technology, basic sciences, languages and other general books. The collection of books is strengthened and updated

A separate Book Bank is also provided to meet the requirement of students of S.C., B.C. and other lower income groups. The Book Bank has a collection of 11421 magazine.

4. Vehicle

 A jeep is attached to Training & Placement Officer to keep interaction with industries for the placement of students.

5.Machinery & Equipment

This institute is fully equipped with latest Machinery & Equipments to train the students to face the challenge of Modern Industries and conduct all the experiments and practical exercises as per the curriculum of the courses being run at this institute.


6.Sports Center

This institute has a very good gymnasium athletics track facility, and playgrounds for the following games, which are capable of hosting state level tournaments also:

Þ Volleyball

Þ Hockey

Þ Football

Þ Badminton

Þ Basketball

Þ Kabbadi

Þ Table-tennis

Þ Cricket.

A comprehensive annual program of all academic and extra curriculum activities is prepared in the beginning of session. This is known as calendar of Activities. This include all National Festival, Quiz Contest, Paper Reading contest, Declamation contest, Blood Donation Camp, Tree plantation Camp, Sports Events, Short Industries visit, Long Industrial visit, Quest lectures etc.